Do pictures support literacy?

Clinical Question

In children with disabilities, does the use of pictures support literacy development?

Critically Appraised TopicPresenting the word alone (i.e. without pictures) is more effective when teaching children with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, to read new words. PDF Format
Critically Appraised PapersDidden, R., Prinsen, H., & Sigafoos, J. (2000). The Blocking effect of pictorial prompts on sight-word reading Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis 33(3), 317-320.

Didden,R. de Graaff,S. Nelemans,M. Vooren,M. and Lancioni,G. (2006). Teaching Sight Words to Children with Moderate to Mild Mental Retardation: Comparison between Instructional Procedures. American Journal on Mental Retardation Vol.III, No.5, 357-365

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Chadwick.D.D, Joliffe (2008) A Pilot Investigation into the Efficacy of a Signing Training Strategy for Staff working with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities, British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 37, 34-42.



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