Clinical Groups

There are currently eleven established EBP groups. Please contact the leader below if you are interested in joining a group. To discuss the possibility of new groups please contact a member of the Steering Committee.

                               Group Leaders 
Adult Traumatic Brain Injury
Elise Elbourn (
Adult Language
Alexander O’Sullivan (
Adult Swallowing
Kate Wark (
Jaclyn Hooper (
Tracheostomy and Critical Care
Sara Bolt (
Amy Freeman-Sanderson (
Head and Neck
Rachelle Robinson (
Sally Laing (
Hunter Adult Acquired Communication Impairment 
Wendy Hackney (
Paediatric Speech
Vani Gupta (
Rebecca Gurka (
Paediatric Language
Sarah Oberg (
Jessica Anton (
  Deborah Wilson (
Kristy Logan (
Paediatric Feeding
Athena Chan (

Steering Committee Members

Alex Little
Laura Doig
Amy Freeman-Sanderson
Elise Baker 
Eva Katalinic
Pip Taylor
Sara Beckett
Erin Adamson

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