Showcase 2016

NSW Speech Pathology Evidence Based Practice Network Showcase

Tuesday 6th  December 2016, 1.00 – 4.30pm

Lecture Theatre, Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick

Welcome by Steering Committee with annual report

Adult presentations

Trach & Critical Care –  Critical Illness Polyneuropathy: Is it Critical to Swallowing?
Adult Language – Do social communication groups result in improved communication outcomes?
Hunter Acquired Communication Impairment – The use of AAC in dyspraxia therapy.
Adult Swallowing – Should we be thicken with it? A review of the research behind thickened fluid use in dysphagia

Paediatric presentations

Peadiatric Language – How much is too much?: The impact of technology on language learning
Peadiatric Speech – In children with atypical phonological patterns, does treatment lead to greater improvements in speech accuracy than no treatment?
Peadiatric Feeding – Is “Late” Too Late?
Autism: A look at transdisciplinary practice and group intervention outcomes for children with ASD

Slides: NSW SP EBP Showcase 2016