Head and Neck


Group Leaders

Rachelle Robinson – POWH (Rachelle.Robinson@health.nsw.gov.au)

Dr Molly Barnhart – POWH (Molly.Barnhart@health.nsw.gov.au)

Elizabeth Walker – RPAH (Elizabeth.Walker2@health.nsw.gov.au)

Academic Link: Dr Katrina Blyth – USYD (Katrina.Blyth@sydney.edu.au)


Meeting Dates 

All meetings are held via videoteleconferencing. Please contact leaders for more information on meeting dates.

Current clinical question: “For head and neck cancer patients, how does lymphoedema (internal and external) and lymphoedema management impact on swallowing outcome in both acute and long term phases?”

Critically Appraised Papers & Critically Appraised Topics (CAPs & CATs)

Head and Neck Terms of Reference 2019

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