Extravaganza 2006

Sydney Children’s Hospital – 6th December 2006

Group Presentation
Adult Language In patients with aphasia post stroke, does constraint induced aphasia therapy assist language production?
Tracheostomy & Critical Care EBP & Tracheostomy: JUST DO ing IT
Paediatric Speech A Summary of Critically Appraised Topics
Paediatric Language A Safari Amongst Language Research
Disability Feeding Does Oral Sensorimotor Therapy Improve Oral Skills in Feeding in Children with a Disability?
Acute Paediatric Feeding Dummy sucking and breastfeeding duration. Does a causal relationship exist?
Special Presentation – Elise Baker PhD, & Trish McCabe PhD The impact of the EBPIG Paediatric Speech on SP’s approach to selecting treatment targets.
Special Presentation – Linda Hand Child Language and EBP: A Challenge, a stimulus and the potential for changed roles between researchers and clinicians

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