Extravaganza 2011

Sydney Children’s Hospital – 13th December 2011

Group Presentation
Adult Language Communication partner training for people with aphasia
Adult Swallowing Don’t Burn Your Tongue..Hot Topics in Dysphagia: Free Water Protocol and sEMG
Tracheostomy & Critical Care Does the CAT need E3BP to help get out of the bag? Current clinical practice and opinion in tracheostomy swallowing management
Hunter Adult Acquired Communication Impairment Use of computers in chronic aphasia
Paediatric Speech The Role of Speech Perception Training in Phonological Intervention
Paediatric Language Paediatric Language Therapy: Cheese on toast or chocolate cake? The active ingredients in therapy.
ASD In children with autism, does joint attention intervention improve social communication skills?
AAC What is the best practice for the layout/design in augmentative and alternative communication systems for people who have a communication disability ? An update
Disability Feeding “Just take a bite!” – Is keeping a child at the table during mealtimes REALLY the best way to get them to eat?

One thought on “Extravaganza 2011

  1. Hi! I’m searching for the evidence regarding the use of computers in stead of or parallel to face-to-face therapy. I have read your presentation called “Use of computer in chronic aphasia” found in Extravaganza 2011 – very nice overview! I’ve also found a lot of studies using SpeechBITE, ASHA evidence maps etc. I would just like to ask if someone from your group has updated the schemes that appear in your presentation from 2011? Regards, Birgitte (SLP student from Denmark)


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