Extravaganza 2009

 Sydney Children’s Hospital – 8th December 2009

Group Presentation
Adult Language What are the effective therapy techniques currently being used to improve auditory comprehension deficits in people with aphasia?
Adult Swallowing In patients with dysphagia is there a relationship between oral hygiene and pneumonia? Does the evidence confirm our suspicions?
Tracheostomy & Critical Care Too many cooks in the kitchen?
Voice Practice Makes Perfect – But Which Practice? Enhancing Motor Learning Of New Vocal Techniques
Paediatric Speech Untangling Speech and Language Difficulties in Toddlers
AAC Symbols, Symbols What to use?
Disability Feeding Intervention to promote chewing skills in children
Special Presentation – Elise Baker PhD What is E3BP? How do you integrate the findings from CAPs/CATs into everyday clinical practice?

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