Showcase 2018

Showcase 2018

NSW Speech Pathology Evidence Based Practice Network Showcase

Tuesday 26th June 2018

Kerry Packer Education Centre Auditorium             

RPA Hospital

Paediatric presentations

Paediatric Language –  Now you’re speaking my language: The expected language outcomes for multilingual children with language impairment
Paediatric Speech – Optimising outcomes for children with speech sound disorders: partnering with parents, and the value of emergent literacy 
Autism – Very Early Intervention in Autism
30 min coffee/tea/networking break

Adult presentations

Hunter Acquired Communication Impairment Multiple Functional Communication Diagnoses
Adult Language – Communication therapy apps for people with aphasia – is there evidence?
Trache & Critical Care – High flow and swallowing:  evidence review and clinical practice data
Adult TBI – Predicting successful return to work: A look at communication measures post TBI

Slides NSW SP EBP Showcase 2018