Extravaganza 2008

Sydney Children’s Hospital – 2nd December 2008

Group Presentation
Adult Language How and in what circumstances does orthographic cueing as therapy improve later spoken word retrieval in aphasia?
Adult Swallowing In adults with dysphagia, do thickened fluids reduce the incidence of aspiration pneumonia?
Tracheostomy & Critical Care Reducing the lag between published research and the clinical application
AAC In people who use AAC, are coloured photographs easier to comprehend than line drawings?
Paediatric Speech Key findings & their clinical application
Paediatric Language Should We or Shouldn’t We? Speech Pathology in Schools
Acute Paediatric Feeding Breast, bottle, cup…Who is confused?!
Disability Feeding In Children with Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Quadriplegia), what is the evidence that upright positioning in midline is safest for eating and drinking?
Special Presentation – speechBITE™ How can speechBITE™ help you?

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