Showcase 2014

Sydney Children’s Hospital, 2nd December, 2014

 Group  Presentation
 AAC The Many Environments of AAC – Which is the most effective?
 Adult Language Testing Times – An E3BP approach to assessment in Aphasia
 Adult Swallowing  Man Vs. Machine
 Adult TBI Jog My Memory – Instructional Approaches to Memory Rehabilitation
 ASD  You Don’t Make Friends With iPads
 Disability Feeding  Don’t Stick Your Tongue Out at Me: Oral Motor Exercises in Paediatric Feeding (a Review of the Evidence)
 Head and Neck  ‘Time is of the essence’: Proactive vs Reactive Tube feeding and swallowing outcomes with Head and Neck Cancer Patients
 Paediatric Language  To Gesture or not to Gesture?
 Paediatric Speech  Speech Sound Disorders: the use of biofeedback in treating residual errors in school aged children.
 Tracheostomy & Critical Care  Feeding Tracheostomy Patients with the Cuff Inflated: What does the evidence say? What are Speech Pathologists doing on the ground?

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