Showcase 2015

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Thursday 10th December, 2015

 Group  Presentation
 Adult Language VNeST: Who, What, When, Why and Why Not?
 Adult Swallowing Expiratory Muscle Strength Training (EMST) and Dysphagia
 Adult TBI Motor Speech Therapy in Post Traumatic Amnesia (PTA)
 ASD Is ABA really the way?
 Disability Feeding If in Doubt, (Don’t) Do It!
 Head and Neck Swallowing Rehab in Head & Neck Chemo-Radiotherapy… “Is the clock ticking?”
 Hunter Acquired Communication Development of a clinical assessment for dysarthria (N-DAT): The development & implementation of a new assessment tool and use of E3BP

Newcastle EBP Dysarthria Assessment Tool (N-DAT) Dec 2015

Paediatric Language  Language difficulties: What does the future hold?
 Paediatric Speech Working with multilingual children with speech sound disorder
Tracheostomy & Critical Care Hmm, a catchy title……”Catching” dysphagia post extubation? What’s the incidence and what factors make someone more likely to get it?

Steering Committee Presentation                  

The history and impact of the NSW Speech Pathology Evidence-based practice network

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