Showcase 2019

Adult Language –  Is there any evidence that discourse treatments in aphasia improve discourse, and in turn lead to better outcomes for people with aphasia?

Adult Swallowing – Around the Evidence in 80 Swallows: Exploring New Frontiers for the Adult Swallowing EBP Group

Autism – For children on the Autism Spectrum is video modelling (particularly video self-modelling) more effective than treatment as usual for improving social skills?

Head & Neck – “How to disappoint a dog”: Use of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training in dysphagia treatment for Head and Neck Cancer Patients.

Hunter EBP Group – Is dysphagia therapy indicated (and if so, what therapy is most effective) for people in the myositis population?

Paediatric Language – DLD: What does it mean for me? A look at the optimum rate of dosage for preschoolers with developmental language disorder.

Paediatric Speech – Transforming ‘mato’ into ‘tomato’: Insights from evidence addressing pollysyllable difficulties in children with speech sound disorder

Tracheostomy & Critical CareDoes AAC assessment and intervention improve the communication effectiveness of patients in the intensive care setting