Extravaganza 2007

Sydney Children’s Hospital – 18th December 2007

Group Presentation
Adult Language Is repetition therapy effective in improving lexical access/word finding difficulties (in people with aphasia)?
Adult Swallowing ‘In patients with neurogenic dysphagia, is pulse oximetry a reliable assessment tool in identifying episodes of aspiration?’
Adult Motor Speech Biofeedback and acquired dysarthria treatment: Is what you see what you get?
Tracheostomy & Critical Care Tracheostomy patients: Are we really their voice?
Acute Paediatric Feeding Cervical Auscultation and Feeding with the Paediatric Population
Paediatric Language Cracking into language – What techniques are effective for improving word-finding difficulties in children aged 2 – 12 years old?
Cleft Palate Do children with cleft palate have expressive and receptive language impairment?
AAC In children with developmental disabilities, does the use of pictures support learning to read new words?

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