Metaphon Approach in improving speech accuracy

Clinical Question

In a child with phonological impairment of unknown origin, is a Metaphon approach effective in improving speech accuracy (e.g., as measured by PCC, error analysis, or consonant probe) over time?

Critically Appraised Topic

Children with phonologically-based speech sound disorders (SSD) are a heterogeneous group. Of the studies reviewed, none provided overwhelming evidence for the unique use of a Metaphon approach to improve the speech accuracy of children with phonologically-based SSD over other types of phonological intervention (e.g., non linear phonological intervention). However, the results of the preliminary investigations suggest that children with severe phonological disorders may benefit from incorporated metaphonological (and phonological awareness) intervention that considers skills beyond speech accuracy (e.g., alliteration and word blending). It is recommended that phonological awareness is considered during the assessment and intervention planning for all children with SSD.

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Critically Appraised Paper

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