Book Reading & Expressive Language

Clinical Question

Does the use of books and narratives increase the expressive language in 2 – 4 year old children?

Critically Appraised Topic

Training parents and teachers in using books and narratives can be effective in increasing the expressive language of two – four year old children in the general population – PDF Format

Critically Appraised Papers

Arnold, D.H., Lonigan, C.J., Whitehurst, G.J., Epstein, J.N. (1994). Accelerating language development through picture book reading: replication and extension to a videotape training format. Journal of Educational Psychology, 86(2), 235-243.

Whitehurst, G.J., Falco, F.L., Lonigan, C.J., Fischel, J.E., DeBaryshe, B.D., Valdez-Menchaca, M.C., Caulfield, M. (1998). Accelerating language development through picture book reading. Developmental Psychology, 24(4), 552-559.

Peterson, C., Jesso, B. & McCabe, A. (1999). Encouraging narratives in preschoolers, an intervention study. Journal of Child Language, 26, 49-67.

Wasik, B.A. & Bond, M.A. (2001). Beyond the pages of a book: Interactive book reading and language development in preschool classrooms. Journal of Educational Psychology, 93(2), 243-250.

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