Psycholinguistically-based phonological intervention

Clinical Question

In a child with severe and persisting speech difficulties, will a psycholinguistically-based phonological intervention result in specific and generalised improvements in speech production?

Critically Appraised Topic

In children with speech sound disorders and speech perception difficulties; the evidence suggests that speech perception training, specifically the Speech Assessment and Interactive Learning System (SAILS) program plus speech production training may be more effective at improving production of stimulable and non-stimulable speech sounds than speech production training alone. Note – in its current form (as of Dec 2011), SAILS is not suitable for children learning Australian-English, only speakers of Western Canadian English. PDF Format

Critically Appraised Paper

Rvachew, S., Nowak, M., & Cloutier, G. (2004). Effect of Phonemic Perception Training on the Speech Production and Phonological awareness skills of children with expressive phonological delay. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology; 13 (3), 250-263.

Rvachew,S. (1994) Speech perception training can facilitate sound production learning. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 37 (2), 347-357

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