Tongue Strengthening

Clinical Question

Do tongue strengthening exercises affect the impaired oropharyngeal swallow?

Critically Appraised Topic

There is early evidence to suggest that tongue strengthening exercises improve some aspects of swallowing physiology in adults with dysphagia of varying aetiologies. It is a potentially effective treatment for patients with neurogenic dysphagia, and possibly those with head and neck cancer, however further research that includes functional outcomes in the head and neck caseload is warranted PDF Format

Critically Appraised Papers

Carroll. W, et al (2008). Pretreatment Swallowing Exercises Improve Swallow Function After Chemoradiation.Laryngoscope, 118:39-43.

Ibayashi, H., Fujino, Y., Pham, T.M., & Matsuda, S. (2008). Intervention Study of Exercise Program for Oral Function in Health Elderly People. Tohoku J. Exp. Med. 215, (237 -245)

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Yates, E.M., Molfenter, S.M. & Steele, C.M. (2008). Improvements in tongue strength and pressure – generation precision following a tongue – pressure training protocol in older individuals with dysphagia: Three case reports.Clinical Interventions in Aging 3 (4) 735 – 747

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