Word Finding in 2-12 year olds

Clinical Question

What techniques are effective for improving word-finding difficulties in children aged 2 – 12 years old?

Critically Appraised Topic

Strategies in discourse such as request for associations, request for clarification, confirmation, reconstruction, and phonological cueing or at single word level such as phonological association cues and syllables, may reduce word-finding errors  –  PDF Format

Critically Appraised Papers

Stiegler, L.N. & Hoffman, P.R. (2001). Discourse-based intervention for word finding in children. Journal of Communication Disorders, 34, 277-303.

German, D. J, (2002). A phonologically based strategy to improve word finding abilities in children. Communication Disorders Quarterly, 23:4, 179-192.

German, D. and Newman, R. (June 2004). The impact of lexical factors on children’s word finding errors. Journal of Speech, Language & Hearing Research, 47, 624-636.

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